What is Fluent Assertions?

With Fluent Assertions, the assertions look beautiful, natural and most importantly, extremely readable -Girish

everyone.Should().Like(FluentAssertions, “because everything is so damn cool and readable”); - Jim Speaker and Bart Roozendaal

Fluent Assertions is a set of .NET extension methods that allow you to more naturally specify the expected outcome of unit tests. It offers a plethora of features:

The best assertion framework in the .NET realm. Go to the examples to see for yourself.


Install with NuGet NuGet

PM > Install-Package FluentAssertions


Fluent Assertions 5.1.2 was released on 19 February 2018


  • {Fix} Improve message for unequal length collections in BeEquivalentTo - #766
  • {Fix} Return warning message from BecauseOf when the because phrase cannot be formatted - #764
  • {Fix} Only attempt to format the because phrase if format parameters were supplied - #769
  • {Fix} Handle the case where becauseArgs can be null - #770
  • {Fix} Do not assume test classes to be inside a namespace - #773

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